It is very easy to advertise on The Visitor Channel, just call us and our sales agents will show you how. The Visitor Channel focuses on the delivery of important information on St. Lucia to visitors regardless of their mode of accommodation while here.

As advertisers you will also receive the added bonus of the channel's growing local audience, making us a powerful and effective medium for the promotion of services and activities available in St. Lucia. The Visitor Channel presents the unique opportunity for anyone to showcase their goods and services all day every day directly to the visitor right in the comfort of their rooms.

Our rates are very competitive given the level of visibility we are able to offer on the local television network(s) and with our online advertising packages.

The Visitor Channel airs in all resorts, guesthouses and homes on Cablevision channel 40 and on Karib Cable channel 51. The channel offers the most visibility for your product or service in a targeted focus on the visitor. Your advertisement will air once every 75 minutes all day, every day. That's over 600 spots every month.

Monthly rates for regular advertisements:

  One Quarter Two Quarters Four Quarters
30 seconds $1,000 $900 $850
45 seconds $1,200 $1,000 $950
60 seconds $1,500 $1,200 $1,000

Production Rates

If seeing is believing, what better way to invest in your message than through corporate video communication? AlexanderBain's full service corporate video production can bring your company up to speed in today's ever-changing world of technology. From concept to completion we make the production process easy and stress-free.

Covering a wide range of corporate video messaging, AlexanderBain offers services including communication videos, training videos, promotional videos, community engagement videos and much more. Let professional video production take your company's message to the next level.

Services we offer:

  • Professional script writing
  • Broadcast quality cameras and gear
  • Studio productions
  • Professional voice-over narrator or on-camera talent
  • International productions
  • Professional video-editing services
  • Industry-standard delivery: DVD; web streaming

Contact us today for a tailored quote.

Creative Design Rates

We regularly help our clients with their logos, business cards, letterheads, brochures, mailouts and even custom-designed products.

Item Price
Posters – design including concept, copy
(not including photography)
$700 - $1,200
Flyers 4in x 9in – design including copy, layout
(not including photography)
$375 - $500
T-Shirts – applicable to design, front/back/pocket print, size etc $350 - $600
Billboards (not including photography or final print) $1,200 - $1,800
Billboard site approval / administration $1,500
Radio Advertisement – script, concept, studio, voice talent:  
30 seconds $900 - $1,200
45 seconds $1,500
60 seconds $1,750
Newspaper Advertisement (not including media cost) 1⁄4 pg $275 - $400
1⁄2 pg $450 - $550
Full Page $700 - $1,200
Brochures - 3 & 4 panel (not including copy or photography) $1,200 - $2,000
Slogan development $750
Wall Painting (not including site selection) $2,000 - $4,500
Logos $800 - $2,500
Vehicle Advertising $1,500 - $4,000
Newsletters (not including copy or photography) $800 / page


Artwork Charges – EC$150.00 per hour. Please note that print costs are not included. Printing costs are relative to quantity and quality required.

Additional Opportunities

Clients wishing to include their advertisement on the Visitor Channel website: EC$40.00 per month. Your advertisement will link directly to your website for easy reference and contact from viewers.

All Visitor Channel programs are available for sponsorship. We make it easy to focus on your product or service if it relates directly to any program that we present, such as The Holiday Guide, Island Living, Stir-It-Up, Out and About, The Entertainment Guide, Festival de "St. Lici" or En Route.