Stir It Up - Quick Caribbean Cooking

To truly experience a new culture means appreciating the customs and traditions as well as being adventurous in sampling the local cooking. St. Lucia boasts several exotic traditional dishes including the National Dish - Green Figs & Saltfish.

"The first time I ate green figs was in St. Lucia. When I was first offered it, I shunned it adamant that the only way that bananas could taste good and were meant to be eaten was ripe. Thank heavens that that was a loooong time ago. This week's column encourages the reader to try new tastes, new flavours, new ingredients and to even venture out like I did, and try familiar ingredients in different ways and in varying stages. I do hope that you'll take the challenge and do the same." - Cynthia, Tastes Like Home

The Stir-It-Up show is not just about getting you to try strange food, we try to find the easiest way to bring you Quick Caribbean Cuisine, as well as making memorable cocktails to remember your holiday, even after you return.