National Network Affiliate research has revealed that, for 75% of all travelers, out-of-home viewing averages 3 HOURS PER DAY. The Nielson Media Research Group reports that Visitor Channels are watched by 67% of visitors.

Hotel guests claim that, next to the bed, the television is the most important amenity in the room with most visitors leaving it on constantly except when they leave the room or go to bed.

72% of hotel guests surveyed said their reason for watching visitor channel programming was to seek out information about local restaurants and shopping options.

The Visitor Channel airs around the clock in the majority of hotel rooms, villas and private residences for rent. That's more than 5,000 hotel rooms in St. Lucia, a potential audience of over 35,000 each month. Many hotels, restaurants, tour providers and retail companies are already taking advantage of what the Visitor Channel has to offer. Please feel free to browse through the ads on this page, or visit our Rates page for further information.