Saint Lucia offers some of the most exotic experiences to the Caribbean traveler, from incredible sightseeing tours to mouth watering culinary adventures not easily forgotten, The warmth and hospitality of the people are legendary and the Visitor Channel captures the essence of this destination. Whether you are planning a trip or already on Saint Lucia this is the perfect stop when planning to make the most of your holiday.

Because we cover the entire island on two local television networks, as well as a full time online stream, we offer the widest coverage from hotels, to guest houses to villas and private homes, the Visitor Channel is everywhere. We take the time to learn so we can offer you timely information on all of your preferred tour and island experience activities guaranteed to fill your holiday with memories that you will cherish forever.

We also attempt to provide increased access for the local community based business which has traditionally been excluded from mainstream tourism promotion so we can put you directly in touch with the authentic crafts producers artisans and tour locations. Saint Lucia is proud of it's Heritage Tourism sites, Bird Watching opportunities and naturalist Turtle Watch activities and we give you the information that you need to make your stay memorable.

The Visitor Channel is focused on avenues of promotion that will directly increase the economic activity in the community as it relates to tourism and exploring all possibilities for enhanced visitor experience. With all community interest fully engaged in making the destination welcoming we anticipate positive effects on local awareness and appreciation for the tourism industry. Take the time to view our ongoing tourism awareness program FACES and let them know that you saw them on The Visitor Channel this has been an added benefit to the local community.

Start here and let us take you on a journey in Saint Lucia.